A Valuable Partnership Helping to Celebrate and Save Wildlife

The team at Whiting Law has dedicated themselves to improving the local community. Whether it’s providing supplies to school children in need or gathering food donations around the holidays, the Whiting Warriors are passionate about giving back. With the goal of helping the Metro Detroit area in mind, Whiting Law has recently partnered with a new local organization, the Detroit Zoo.

History of the Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has been around for 90 years and is one of the most popular venues in Metro Detroit. It’s also Michigan’s largest paid attraction with over 1.5 million visitors every year. With 125 acres of land and over 2,000 animals, it takes a lot to keep the zoo operational.

The governing body, the Detroit Zoological Society, is a non-profit organization, and all the money raised goes directly towards animal care, enhancing exhibits, and making the zoo a great (and better) place for families to visit and receive an education about the hundreds of species that call it home. They truly embody their Statement of Purpose: Celebrating and Saving Wildlife.

Costing around $35 million a year to maintain the zoo, some of that money is brought in from admission tickets, memberships, and a 10-year tax millage in the tri-county area, but a large portion of funding also comes from private donors and sponsorships of the zoo’s many events.

Whiting Law’s Sponsorship with the Detroit Zoo

For the last two years, Whiting Law has been a proud sponsor of the Detroit Zoo. The contributions from the Whiting Law team have been used to bring many of the popular events to life, which increases revenue for the zoo to be used on future improvements. Having a true passion for finding Detroit community involvement opportunities, the Whiting Warriors jumped at the chance to help support this local organization which has played a huge role in so many Michigan lives.

Sponsored Events and Meeting the Whiting Law Team

For 2018, Whiting Law’s Detroit Zoo sponsorship includes the beer and wine sampling events. Both Zoo Brew and Wild Beasts Wild Wine are held after hours, and include live music, drinks*, and the ability to walk around the zoo and enjoy habitats as the sun sets. Whiting Law will also be sponsoring Polar Beers (one of the events that we supported in 2017). This winter event combines the fun of a beer tasting event with the festive experience of the Wild Lights trail, a display of more than 5 million holiday lights, both on trees and sculptures, with a unique zoo theme.

In addition, the Whiting Law team sponsors two of the largest fundraising events at the zoo: Sunset at the Zoo and Run Wild. The summertime gala known as Sunset at the Zoo invites all zoo supporters out for a classy night of entertainment and raising money for the organization. Run Wild takes a unique spin on fundraising for the Detroit Zoo, and is a charity run that raises funds for the Ruth Roby Glancy Animal Health Complex and veterinary care for all of the animals.

Last year, Whiting Law was a proud sponsor of the inaugural Bike Safari event. Racing through a 2-mile trail after zoo hours, this event was such a huge success that there are now two Bike Safari events for 2018: family-friendly and 21+. You can stop by the Whiting Law booth to meet the Whiting Warriors at the 21+ Bike Safari this year, as well as Zoo Brew and Wild Beasts Wild Wine.

It’s this kind of growth that is wonderful for both the Zoo and local Detroit community, and one reason why Whiting Law is a continued supporter of the Detroit Zoo. With this cherished partnership, Whiting Law is excited to see the new habitats, exhibits, and events that will be created for generations to come.

*Always drink responsibly. The Zoo offers designated driver tickets for alcohol sampling events and has cabs available at the end of the evening to help get you home safely.

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