Michigan Drivers May Now Use Phones To Show Insurance

A new law in Michigan will allow drivers an option when it comes to showing police proof of insurance during a traffic stop. Now people can pull up their insurance information on their smartphones or even on tablets instead of carrying around and handing over a paper copy. According to Peter Kuhnmuench, the executive director of the Insurance Institute of Michigan, this offers drivers an easy alternative when asked for proof of insurance. “You won’t have to deal with making sure [that your] paper copy is up to date and which is the right one, you can maintain that on your cell phone and have that available at a moment’s notice,” he says.

For residents who want to take advantage of this law, they should know that there is liability protection written into it in case an officer drops the driver’s phone. In addition, privacy protections are included so that an officer cannot review anything other than the insurance information when on the driver’s phone.

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