Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

$3,450,000 Settlement for Siblings Injured in Car Accident

A horrific car accident left two middle-aged brothers with life-altering injuries and, for one brother, permanent disfigurement and constant pain. The crash was caused by a young employee who was allowed to drive one of the company’s vehicles, despite their knowledge of his many speeding violations and a previously suspended license. Due to the company’s negligence, this employee was put in a position to cause injury to others, and no one would take full responsibility for this fact. The story of the crash, in which the car flipped and landed on its roof and after which one of the brothers spent hours not knowing if his sibling was alive or dead due to the severity of his injuries, moved me deeply. I worked hard for the two victims and their families and was able to obtain a $3.45M settlement on their behalf.

$2,750,000 Settlement for Young Man Severely Injured in an Auto Accident

My client, a 21-year-old man, was a passenger who sustained serious injuries when a van leaped the median and crushed the vehicle he was in. He was left with a severe traumatic brain injury and despite his doctors’ best efforts, is unable to return to any semblance of his previous life due to ongoing physical, emotional, and psychological issues as a result of this traumatic and unfortunate event. This collision was the fault of the van’s driver and his employer, as evidenced by three witnesses, and yet both the driver and the company refused to take responsibility. Instead, both the negligent driver and his employer tried to blame others. They even had the audacity to say the vehicle in which my client was a passenger, should have avoided their oncoming van despite the facts that it was out of control, airborne, and traveling more than 120 MPH! I was angered by their denials and was able to hold the negligent driver and his employer accountable. Justice prevailed and I was able to secure a $2.75M settlement for my client, whose life is permanently changed due to the carelessness of another.

Over $1,500,000 of No-Fault Benefits Collected for Permanently Disabled Wife & Mother

A police crash left a middle-aged wife and mother struggling in the hospital for ten days, only for her family to find that she is permanently disabled as the result of a traumatic brain injury. Once an independent woman, now she requires constant care from either a family member or a professional care attendant. Although her regular doctors initially asked for round-the-clock care, when the insurance company’s doctors subsequently examined her, they ignored all of her doctors’ instructions and reduced the recommendation to just two hours a day.

No one, not even the insurance company’s doctors, questioned the severity of her injuries; therefore, this woman’s attendant care costs should have been covered without debate. Instead, the insurance company refused to pay the reasonable amount requested. In addition to that, I was horrified to find that they had not even examined the medical records provided by her psychologist when making their decision. The case went to trial and I successfully obtained a verdict guaranteeing my client at least $1.5M in No-Fault benefits, including 16 hours a day of attendant care coverage and lifetime medical benefits. Now her family can focus on enjoying their time together instead of worrying about the accident-related expenses.

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Victim and Her Aunt (Caregiver)

A kind and selfless aunt took over the care of her niece, who had been severely disabled in a car accident after the victim’s mother became too ill to care for her daughter. The niece’s insurance company had been compensating the aunt for her time and effort in caring for the niece 24 hours a day. However, when I reviewed the facts of this case, I realized that the insurance company had been grossly underpaying this woman for the past twelve years. It was upsetting to me that someone who has given so generously of herself in taking over the full-time care of a family member was taken advantage of by the insurance company. So I did my best to change that situation, and we came away with a multi-million dollar settlement that included: a lifetime of attendant care benefits, important home modifications, and the purchase of a handicapped van.

$262,500 for Nurse who Saved a Passenger’s Life

My client was traveling safely down the roadway when a vehicle in oncoming traffic suddenly decided to turn right in front of her. Unfortunately, this caused immense damage to not only both cars but significant injuries to my client. She immediately left her vehicle and her nursing training kicked in. She hobbled over to the unconscious passenger in the defendant’s vehicle and rendered emergency treatment to the female inside who was twisted in the vehicle unable to move to safety, while the dazed driver of the vehicle stood by doing nothing – and this may very well have saved the young lady’s life.

Nearly two years after the accident, she not only remained off of work, unable to perform the demanding duties of a registered nurse, but was unable to do the many activities she enjoyed with her friends and family: things like skiing, horse-back riding, swimming, snorkeling, and fostering animals, to name a few. She ended up needing surgery on her back and her hip to repair the damage from the accident. My team and I were able to obtain an award for her in the amount of $262,500 for her Bodily Injury claim – nearly the entire policy limits – due to her injuries from this accident caused entirely by someone else’s carelessness.

$260,000 Award for Young Man Struck by a Vehicle Travelling Without Its Lights

My client, Fred T., was working towards his GED and actively looking for employment after losing his job as a result of downsizing. He was struck by a vehicle that did not brake or make any attempt to avoid this horrific, life-altering accident. While crossing the street at night using the pedestrian crosswalk, Fred was struck by a St. John’s Hospital minivan that was traveling without its headlights on. The vehicle slammed into him throwing him into the air, over the minivan and onto the hard concrete—severely fracturing both of his legs. Despite multiple surgeries, doctors believe Fred may never walk again.

His injuries have left this young man in constant pain, unable to pursue employment or participate in most of his past activities. Sadly, this accident has crippled Fred not only physically, but mentally and socially as well. He still needs assistive devices to get around, requires psychological and psychiatric care, and his once active social life is now virtually non-existent. Although we were able to get a judgement for $260,000, no amount of money can ever compensate Fred for what has been taken from him.

$250,000 Arbitration for Innocent Little Girl and Her Family

While playing in her own front yard, a young girl was struck by a car and suffered multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. Some of the expenses from the accident were covered by the family’s insurance, and a court order mandated that the driver’s insurance company pay those expenses not covered by the family’s policy. Unfortunately, the driver’s insurance company refused to comply, and for almost two years, this girl and her family continued to suffer as they struggled to pay for her medical care. My heart broke as they described their situation; they were over $100K in debt—forcing them to beg medical providers to continue caring for their daughter. It was appalling to know that, had the driver’s insurance company played by the rules, the parents could have focused all of their energy on the most important thing – the health of their daughter. Fortunately, a few months after taking over the case I was able to get the driver’s insurance company to take responsibility. Through arbitration, the victim and her family received $250K in No-Fault benefits.

$195,000 Settlement for Man Injured at Loading Docks

My client was picking up a load of cargo with his semi-trailer while dispatched on a job. He safely backed his semi-trailer to the loading dock and stood waiting between adjacent docks. A forklift operator who was loading steel barrels onto an adjacent trailer at the docks negligently put the forklift in reverse and turned too quickly, causing the load of steel barrels to fall onto my client, and he suffered a severe fracture to his right arm along with ligament tears. He was forced to miss over eight months of work, and can no longer participate in many of his favorite activities like working on cars and riding his bicycle. His permanent injuries to his dominant hand allowed us to obtain a $195,000 settlement on his behalf.

$145,000 in No-Fault Benefits for Man Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury

My client lost control of his vehicle on the roadway and struck a car in front of him, causing severe damage to both vehicles. He suffered a traumatic brain injury (among other injuries) in the accident and his auto insurance started to pay his benefits – his medical bills, replacement services, medical mileage and even attendant care. Though his doctors told the insurance company he needed continued care and treatment, the auto insurance company scheduled an appointment with their own doctor. This doctor found that my client’s injuries and treatment were directly related to the auto accident. However, despite my client’s continued physical impairments and the fact that his doctors all indicated he needed to continue to be treated for his injuries, the insurance company’s doctor determined that my client no longer needed any attendant care services or treatment for injuries related to the accident. This gave the auto insurance company what they needed to terminate my client’s No-Fault Benefits and stop paying for all treatment and care. As a result, rather than being able to focus solely on recovery, my client and his family ended up burdened with accumulating medical bills and denial of payment for attendant care services. Through facilitation, my team and I were able to obtain $145,000 in owed benefits for my client and his family.

$105,000 Award for Man Who Suffered Amputation

My client suffered a deep puncture wound to his left forefoot and sought treatment with his primary doctor. He was placed on antibiotics and referred to a hospital and wound care specialist to monitor his condition due to his prior medical history. He was assessed by a specialist at a Wound Care Center who found the wound was not healing properly. He was treated twice a week for this injury with the specialist who, despite the wound growing larger and more severe, did not alter the course of treatment and continued to merely prescribe oral antibiotics. Over the next two years, my client suffered from this injury that would not heal. Ultimately, dissatisfied with this course of treatment and fed up with the results, he decided to get a second opinion, which revealed that some of the damage to his foot bone and tissue was irreversible. Though he had complied with his doctor’s orders and treatment plan, the affected bone and tissue could not be saved and had to be amputated. As a result, this once active retiree who loves to travel and exercise can no longer participate in the activities he once enjoyed with his wife and family. My team and I worked hard to obtain $105,000 from the physician and facility who so negligently prescribed and maintained an inappropriate and damaging treatment plan that dramatically and negatively changed his life forever.

$195,000 Settlement for Nurse Involved in a Rear End Vehicle Accident


$300,000 Settlement for Man Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident Involving a Semi-Truck


$300,000 Settlement for Woman who Survived Head on Collision Involving a Stolen Car


$141,500 Settlement in Mold Case


$200,000 Settlement for Victim of Rear End Collision


$100,000 Settlement for a Wife and Mother Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

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